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Top Post-Workout Fuel For Ultimate Fitness Results

Top Post-Workout Fuel For Ultimate Fitness Results

The stress entailed from an intense workout signals the body to build strength and burn fat. This same stress also increases cortisol levels, which causes even more muscle breakdown. This is the essential time when your body is most responsive to post-workout supplementation. For best results opt for these top supplements to recharge after any intense workout, available at our online supplement store. At 360RX, we’re passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals through an education of how the body works as well as providing essential exercise supplements, pre-workout formulas, and more. There are countless online supplement stores that carry a variety of products. At 360RX, you can be confident that you are receiving all-natural products that your body and muscles love.

Online Supplement StoreProtalyn Hybrid Enzymatic Protein

While protein is needed to rebuild muscle fibers that breakdown during exercise; enzymes are essential in our bodies to break down the foods that we consume, which is just one critical facet that sets 360RX Protalyn Protein apart from the rest. This patent pending formula is a pH buffered protein that charges muscle-building compounds through a unique Hybrid Enzymatic Peptide processing. This premier hybrid protein alters the long protein peptides into shorter peptide chains allowing for the body to absorb the protein at the highest rate possible.

AminoRx – Ultimate BCAA Recovery Fuel

Along with the consumption of protein, essential amino acids aid the body’s use of protein and help to reduce the breakdown of muscles during intense training, helping to facilitate the use of protein and promoting protein synthesis. AminoRx is a multifaceted supplementation system that fuels better fitness results and can be taken before or after a workout.

Karbolyn – The New Ear of Carbohydrate Supplementation

Ingesting a fast acting carbohydrate directly after a workout helps refuel the muscles with the heightened production of insulin. The body uses the insulin to help fuel protein synthesis, the building block of muscle gain and recovery. Amino-Rx provides this carb support from the patented ingredient karbolyn. This is the new era of carbohydrate supplementation. This post-workout fuel is a precise blend of simple and complex carbohydrates that enter the bloodstream rapidly stimulating energy, endurance, and recovery. Don’t neglect your progress by denying your body the fuel it needs to recharge. The Protalyn Hybrid Enzymatic Protein and AminoRx are both available at our online supplement store. Don’t simply head to the gym, lift some weights, or spend half an hour on the treadmill, give your body the protein and carbohydrates it needs to succeed. Shop today and start experiencing real results.
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